Monday March 23, 2015
Start: 18:00
End: 20:30

This is the second talk in our Security Mini Spring school.

Venue: University of Bristol , Room 1.11, Merchant Venturers Building

6.00pm arrival
6.30pm first talk
7.15pm second talk
8.00pm combined Q&A panel (both speakers)
8:30pm event ends

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Carole Buttle “Wearable technology, medical devices and security implications”

Details to follow

David Rogers “Mobile Security”

Never has mobile device security been more important than it has today. Or is that tomorrow? Being at the cutting edge of technology means constantly trying to be one step ahead of the bad guys. Second guessing the hacking community is difficult and there are many hidden flaws ready to make a security engineer's life more interesting. The Chair of the GSMA's Device Security Group, David Rogers will explain what action the mobile industry has taken in the past, how devices are secured today and what new nightmares await us.

Tuesday April 14, 2015
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00

Venue: University of Bristol , Room 1.11, Merchant Venturers Building

Speaker: Julian Goddard

7.00pm Refreshments
7.30pm Main Talk

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Julian GoddardJulian Goddard describes the business case for ATDD. He discusses the cost and quality benefits ATDD provide. He discusses ATDDs history and compares it with Test Driven Development (TDD). Julian describes steps you can take to start using ATDD in your organisation.

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