FinTech: Balancing Freedom and Progress

07/06/2017 - 19:00
07/06/2017 - 21:00

Venue: Burgess Salmon Bristol office
One Glass Wharf, Bristol BS2 0ZX

Speakers: Adrian Sheddon, Dave Tonge, and Charles Radclyffe

7.00pm Welcome
7.30pm Main Talks
8.30pm Refreshments

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This third talk in the 2017 series will continue the theme about “of now” technology subject matters and have an underlying theme to examine the increasing careful balance required between “freedom and efficiency” that modern technology provides to us. This talk will be delivered by three representatives with varied experiences.

Branch AGM 2016 & 2017

03/05/2017 - 18:30
03/05/2017 - 19:00

We have had some challenges in organising an AGM last year, and so we propose to hold a catch up AGM for 2016 and the AGM for 2017 before the May talk.

Please come along and give support to your committee.

We are always looking for help and if you wish to become more involved in the running of the branch we would welcome your help.

AI & Robotic Ethics

03/05/2017 - 19:00
03/05/2017 - 21:00

Bristol Robotics Laboratory

Venue: Engine Shed

Speaker: Alan Winfield & Chris Holder

7.00pm Welcome
7.30pm Main Talk
8.30pm Refreshments

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This second talk in the 2017 series will look at AI and Robotic Ethics. The talk will examine the how intelligent robotics has the potential for huge benefit, but is not without ethical or societal risk and where we stand legally on such matters and what this could mean for potential applications and the impact on people.

Alan WinfieldAlan Winfield is Professor of Robot Ethics at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, UK, and Visiting Professor at the University of York. He received his PhD in Digital Communications from the University of Hull in 1984, then co-founded and led APD Communications Ltd until taking-up appointment at UWE, Bristol in 1991. Winfield co-founded the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and his research is focussed on understanding the nature and limits of robot intelligence.

Alan is an advocate for robot ethics; he is a member of the British Standards Institute working group that drafted BS 8611: Guide to the Ethical Design of Robots and Robotic Systems, and currently co-chairs the General Principles committee of the IEEE global initiative on the Ethics of Autonomous Systems. Alan has published over 200 works, including ‘Robotics: A Very Short Introduction’ (Oxford University Press, 2012), and lectures widely on robotics (including robot ethics) presenting to both academic and public audiences.

Chris HolderChris Holder has worked in the IT sector since qualification in 1991 and was one of the first wave of specialist IT outsourcing lawyers in the UK, having worked for both IBM UK and Shaw Pittman in this role from the mid1990s/early 2000s.

He has advised suppliers and customers alike in relation to large scale, national and international IT infrastructure outsourcing transactions around the World and has been involved in some of the largest and most complex deals completed in the UK. This includes many examples of data centre, application development and maintenance, telecoms networks and desktop service deals, either together or as separate ‘tower’ transactions.

Aside from IT Outsourcing, Chris has represented clients involved in a range of BPO transactions, including F&A, HR and logistics and is also involved in systems integration and multi sourcing agreements, hardware purchase agreements, website development and hosting, e-commerce and general commercial contacting in the IT business arena.

Chris is a Partner at Bristows since 2014 and leads the firm’s new Robotics and AI practice and has been involved in many EU and UK based initiatives to begin the development of law and practice in this area.

He has spoken widely on all of the above topics and is a current member of the Technology Committee of the IBA.

Machine Learning & AI

01/03/2017 - 19:00
01/03/2017 - 21:00

Venue: Engine Shed

Speaker: Nigel Toon & Jim Smith

7.00pm Refreshments
7.30pm Main Talk

This event is now fully booked.

This talk on Machine Learning & AI (Artificial Intelligence) and will examine how the capability of the underlying technology is rapidly increasing and what this could mean for potential applications and the impact on people.

Nigel ToonNigel Toon is co-founder and Chairman & CEO of Graphcore Ltd. Graphcore is a new silicon and systems company based in Bristol, UK and Palo Alto, USA that has developed the Intelligent Processing Unit to accelerate machine learning and AI applications.

Nigel was CEO of two VC-backed silicon companies before founding Graphcore; Picochip, which was sold to Mindspeed in 2012 and most recently, XMOS, in which Graphcore was incubated for two years before being established as a separate entity in 2016. Before that he was co-founder of Icera, a 3G/4G cellular modem chip company, where he led Sales and Marketing and was on the Board of Directors. Icera was sold to NVIDIA in 2011 for $435M. Prior to Icera, he was Vice President and General Manger at Altera Corporation where he spent 13 years and was responsible for establishing and building the European business unit that grew to over $400m annual revenues. He is the author of 3 patents, is chairman of the Board of Directors at XMOS Ltd and a non-executive director at Imagination Technologies PLC.

Jim SmithProfessor Jim Smith is Professor of Interactive Artificial Intelligence at the University of the West of England (UWE). After taking an Electrical Sciences from Cambridge University, he worked in various industrial sectors before returning to academia at UWE, where he took his PhD and now leads the Artificial Intelligence Research Group. He has published extensively on many aspects of theoretical and applied Artificial Intelligence, works which have been cited over 8000 times and have won awards such as the 2001 ACM-SIGEVO prize for papers which are ‘deemed to be seminal’. He has led a number of successful projects concerning the hybridisation of metaheuristic approaches with machine learning, and mathematical approaches funded by the EC, EPSRC, governmental agencies from the UK, US and Brazil, and commercial partners.

Recently his research has increasingly focussed on collaborative human-machine problem-solving, and how machines can deal with the fact that people are not oracles”, but rather are fallible, prone to fatigue and distraction, and are themselves adaptive - often changing their judgements or opinions as their experience changes.

Software Craftsmanship 2016

14/05/2016 - 00:30
14/05/2016 - 17:00

Venue: Computershare Investor Services PLC,
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS13 8AE Bristol
United Kingdom

Organised by: Jason Gorman

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The original Software Craftsmanship conference is back in a brand new format. People who participated in SC2009-2013 all told us the best thing about the conference was meeting likeminded developers who care about their craft, and getting to spend time pairing and sharing ideas and techniques - especially in the breaks, or in the breakout areas.

So, at SC2016, we creating one big breakout area and tearing up the schedule.

Autonomous Cars

09/05/2016 - 19:00
09/05/2016 - 21:00

This event has been cancelled

We are trying to rearrange this event. The original speaker had to withdraw, and we have been trying to find a replacement speaker, but have not been able to in time. Our apologies for this.

ITIL Practitioner

19/04/2016 - 19:00
19/04/2016 - 21:00

Venue: University of Bristol , Room 1.11, Merchant Venturers Building

Speaker: Barclay Rae

7.00pm Refreshments
7.30pm Main Talk

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Barclay RaeKeep the date, Details will be available soon

Barclay Rae is an experienced ITSM consultant, analyst and writer. He has worked on approximately 500 ITSM projects over the last 25 years, and writes blogs, research and white papers on ITSM topics for a variety of industry organisations and vendors. Barclay is currently working as interim CEO for ITSMF UK. He has worked for a number of ITSM organisations, and he delivers strategic ITSM consultancy, as well as media analyst services to the ITSM industry. He and has recently been a co-architect of the new ITIL practitioner scheme with Axelos, plus he is a co-author of the SDI certification standards.

Industrial experience with Agile in high-integrity software development

07/03/2016 - 19:00
07/03/2016 - 21:00

Venue: University of Bristol , Room 1.11, Merchant Venturers Building

Speaker: Roderick Chapman

7.00pm Refreshments
7.30pm Main Talk

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Roderick ChapmanThis presentation will concentrate on the issues and opportunities raised by the use of Agile practices in the development of high-integrity software, based on the scientific literature, two major projects, and our own understanding of the relevant regulatory regimes, standards and markets. In particular, we'll look at the assumptions that underpin the Agile manifesto and where these seem to conflict with best-practice in high-integrity development.

Conversely, we'll consider some opportunities where an Agile approach could be significantly improved by the adoption of high-integrity practices.

The importance of Cyber Resilience

26/01/2016 - 19:00
26/01/2016 - 21:00

Venue: University of Bristol , Room 1.11, Merchant Venturers Building

Speaker: Maggie Kneller

7.00pm Refreshments
7.30pm Main Talk

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Maggie Kneller

This talk is about 'Cyber Resilience' a crucially important discipline and skill in today’s world, which goes beyond the theory of IT security. Maggie will explain why cyber resilience is growing in importance for every organisation, and every member of staff, not just the IT department. Maggie will also explain the important role that IT needs to play.

The talk will introduce AXELOS's new qualification scheme RESILIA focused on best practice for managing cyber resilience, based on the collective knowledge and experience of industry specialist experts. Knowing that 100% prevention of security incidents is no longer possible, RESILIA also focuses on processes and techniques for quick detection and effective recovery, and is aligned with ITIL. RESILIA also recognises that people are the weakest link when it comes to IT security, and it provides sound approaches for reducing these threats.

Hazards and Risk

16/11/2015 - 19:00
16/11/2015 - 21:00

Venue: University of Bristol , Room 1.11, Merchant Venturers Building

Speaker: Mike Badger

7.00pm Refreshments
7.30pm Main Talk

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Mike Badger

Everything we do carries risk. If we did not take risks, then we would not get out of bed in the morning. But how do we make risk based decisions? What is a risk worth taking? Does risk management impede or enable things to happen? Does Agile's approach to project management and software development in fact endanger the safety of an organization’s projects? How can the management of safety risk be 'agile' – would this not be conflicting? These are a few questions will be considered in the course of this presentation, along with some introductory teaching to the assessment of risk and its application to highly integrated or complex systems and software.

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