Information Assurance

21/05/2008 - 19:00
21/05/2008 - 22:00

Hawthorns Hotel, Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol.
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The talk will be preceded by our branch AGM.

David Martin, CESG

What is Information Assurance, what would happen without it, how is it provided, by whom, and what is the role of CESG as the National Technical Authority for IA?

David Martin will help you understand IA, the threats to our IT systems and how CESG helps Government customers gain confidence in the security of their systems, coupled with the culture and philosophy changes that are required to adapt to the rapidly evolving IA environment and demands of our customers.

The Institute of Life Science at Swansea – the first year of partnership

15/04/2008 - 19:00
15/04/2008 - 22:00

Prestige Event

The Hawthorns, Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol

This talk will be by Professor Marc Clement, PhD Wales , CEng, CPhysics, FIET, Chair of Innovation at UWS.

A new £50m investment in research at Swansea University, hosting one of the UK’s most powerful computers, is focused on discovering radical ways to treat disease and deliver health care.

Managing smaller projects: Tailored PRINCE or Emperor’s new clothes?

15/01/2008 - 19:00
15/01/2008 - 22:00

This talk will be by our own Don Southey.

Many of us find ourselves managing a modest-sized project, but how do you translate the theory into practice without a large budget?

Tips on how to make your methodology fit, without costing the earth, losing control, or promising what you can’t deliver.

The Hawthorns, Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol Poster

Introduction to game development tools, game coding and optimisation

05/12/2007 - 19:00
05/12/2007 - 21:00

Game on

Andy Thomason will lead a discussion of the issues facing game developers of next-generation video games on consoles and the PC platform.

The games industry is not all play, it does give you a chance to work with creative, intelligent people in a rich environment.

This talk is a brief guide to the games industry in the 21st century. Starting with the creative design process, Andy will discuss the development cycle through to release of a typical game giving some examples from real projects that he has had a part in.

Configuration Management

21/11/2007 - 19:00
21/11/2007 - 21:00

How Do You Cope with Change?

Like death and taxes, change is a part of our every day life. In the IT industry change is guaranteed. This will be an interactive session to explore the relationship between Change and Configuration Management touching on areas such as Release Management, Service Delivery, ITILV3, and CMMI. Is configuration management is just about version control? Is building the same as releasing?

I’m a project manager why should I care?

Could you really spend 4 days talking about Configuration Management?

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